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About Us - Message from the Governor

The North Carolina Student Legislature (NCSL) was founded in 1936, and since our inception, students have drafted legislation and debated it with their peers inside NCSL’s mock legislative environment.

In addition to allowing students to learn about the legislative process, NCSL also lets students present their ideas in front of state and national leaders. In the last 87 years, over forty percent of our proposals have been adopted by the North Carolina General Assembly, and our past delegates have gone on to become governors, senators, and state legislators. Current and past state leaders like Thom Tillis and Jim Hunt participated in NCSL when they were undergraduate students.

We welcome any student interested in government regardless of major or political affiliation. Our organization is a welcoming and inclusive environment that values diversity of identity and opinion. In these politically tumultuous times, it is important that students of different backgrounds come together and engage in civil discourse. It is also equally important that these same students break bread together once we adjourn. I am proud to say our organization offers both kinds of opportunities to students.


As the 87th Governor of NCSL, I am deeply committed to fostering the same kind of passionate debate that characterized the first iteration of this great organization. 

Current Delegations


Meet the Council of State

Contention, Civility, and Camaraderie

Meet the delegates that make up the Council of State (COS). COS administers all NCSL activities across North Carolina. 

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